Missed Social Media Lead Generation Opportunities

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You have a great website, an amazing newsletter set up, and Facebook and Twitter pages. But is this where social media ends? Actually, no it’s not. The whole purpose of using social media for your wedding business is to generate leads. For your Facebook fan page, you need to make sure it has a great landing page with a sign

Facebook Comments Now Allow Moderator Control

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How many times have you had to deal with Facebook followers posting inappropriate comments, and spamming your page? Or how about the annoying comments that comes in ALL CAPS?!? Most Facebook Fan Page moderators get fed up with dealing with this every day. Facebook has responded with their new moderator comment controls that allow you to blacklist words, people, and formatting

Facebook Updates Comment Platform

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Facebook has been doing a ton of work this year in developing and releasing new upgrades for Facebook Pages. The latest is a cool new commenting plug-in that allows business owners to have more control in moderating the comments posted on their business fan page wall. Some of the great features according to Kipp Bodnar via his blog post are

How Hootsuite Helps Your Wedding Business

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How long a day does it take you to post Facebook fan Page updates, Tweets, etc.? For most wedding businesses it becomes next to impossible to keep all the social networks up to date due to the time involved in getting those posts up. Hootsuite is one of the best platforms out there built to smooth out this process. The

What Facebook Really Means for your Business

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Facebook is known as a social platform. But what does that really mean, and how does it affect you? Electrical and Computer Engineer Dan Reich wrote a great article contemplating Facebook and comparing it to previous programs that have been foundational to the development of the web.                         First

Why You Want a Facebook Presence

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A lot of businesses are still wondering why on earth they would want to have a profile or fan page on Facebook. In fact a huge number DON’T have any type of Facebook presence at all. So why would a wedding business want to have a fan page on Facebook? What is the draw that makes it worth your time?

How to Get Bride Reviews On Facebook

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Building a good Facebook wedding business page can take hours or even days to reach it’s full potential. So finding that your WeddingWire storefront is set to automatically integrate with your Facebook page is a breath of fresh air, like finding a lake in Nebraska. The first way is to simply ask people to like your Facebook page through emails,

Why Most Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Work

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If your wedding business has a fan page on Facebook you are probably aware of all the adds that are being promoted to the facebook network as well as the information packed fan pages themselves. However many of those marketing campaigns don’t work. So what is it that makes them fail, and how can you make them work for you? 

Google vs. Facebook For Control of Your Reputation

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  We have all heard the reports on the news about people and companies whose reputation has been ruined by Facebook or Google. Thankfully Facebook has instituted systems that allow people to quickly gain control of their security and image by simply changing settings and un-tagging themselves from pictures. However, for a majority of people the issue still continues as they

Social Media and Weddings?

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Did you see that viral video floating around the internet some time ago where the bride and groom kissed to seal their vows?  And then pulled out their phones to update their Facebook relationship statuses to “Married”? Funny and cute?  Or tacky? Yes, social media is becoming the norm nowadays.  Hell, I’ve caught myself almost saying “L-O-L” in person instead