Why the Customer is NOT Always Right

“The customer is always right.” It’s a saying designed as a reminder to do everything possible to make the customer happy. It’s a staple cliche of customer service. You know this isn’t true, don’t you? Sometimes the bride or groom misunderstands your instructions. Their opinion may be based on lack of information. Or you may […]

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4 Smart Tips For Dealing With Event Crises

By Kevin Dennis, Fantasy Sound Event Services Nobody likes to talk about event crises – they’re as unwelcome as an excessively boisterous great-aunt taking up the dance floor. Just like any great-aunt though, it’s important to discuss these matters in order to ensure that they get handled quickly and efficiently if anything were to happen. […]

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What Today’s Couples Need to Know Before They Hire You (and It’s Not Your Price!)

Wacky couple

Are you giving today’s couples what they REALLY want? I recently attended a presentation by Peter Merry and Liz Daley (The Fun Wedding Experts) at the NACE Experience, Rockin’ Receptions: How to Put the Fun in Your Functions. They stressed that today’s couples want an increasingly personalized experience. Years ago, couples had few options and […]

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How to Fire a Client

How to fire a client

What?!??  Why would you want to fire a client? The reasons are numerous, including: The client is horrible to work with. You hate the type of work. It doesn’t pay. The client is never happy. The bottom line: you get to choose who you work for, the type of work you do and how much […]

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