How Can I Attract High End Brides?

High End Bride

One way to charge more for your services…and get it…is to work for the high-end “luxury” bride market. But if you’re currently only working with low budget or mid-range wedding budget clients, how do you break into the high-end market? Natalie Bradley, who specializes in attracting the high-end bride, shared some tips with us. 1.    […]

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Self-Promotion Tips That Work

Marketing your business is about more than just telling people about your product or service. How many times have you hung up on telemarketers because they have done just that? I have a bad tendency to back up and cut conversations short when talking in person with salespeople who don’t even try to make a […]

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How To Negotiate Better

Negation is often on the mind of every bride who looks into your business. Your first question to yourself needs to be “how valuable is my business or product?” If you are already pricing the lowest you can afford to you need to re-think your strategy. Your pricing needs to be set for you to […]

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Why You Need A Sales Funnel

Bride & Groom

You do a ton of marketing with the aim of getting sales. A sales funnel is the process that moves people from someone who has never heard of you, to your landing the sale. Instead of just randomly doing marketing, the sales funnel is something that you set up to ensure that no one gets […]

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