Why You Need A Sales Funnel

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You do a ton of marketing with the aim of getting sales. A sales funnel is the process that moves people from someone who has never heard of you, to your landing the sale. Instead of just randomly doing marketing, the sales funnel is something that you set up to ensure that no one gets lost along the way. Losing

The Pros and Cons of Groupon for Your Wedding Business

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Groupon has been hailed as the new wonder kid in marketing. The problem is that those reviews often come from consumers. According to Carla Dewing’s insightful article, it’s easy to lose everything if you jump on Groupon without knowing what it’s for and how to leverage the success. People who use Groupon are looking for a good deal. This means

Why You Need To Be Prepared For Business Disaster

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Disasters happen, whether they be internal, or, even more importantly, external disasters. To be specific, you never know when the sewer will back up, or your town will be hit by a natural disaster. These are the kinds of things that businesses tend to forget about, and will kill 43% of those hit according to Becky McCray’s article. You know

The Benefits to Video Conferences

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Employees who telecommute or work from their home is something that is becoming more and more common, especially amongst startups and small businesses. Even if you do have employees on site it is likely that at some point along the way you will end up having at least one person who works for you from their own office. Utilizing video

Fighting Discouragement While Building A Business

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Something that entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers and the like all face is discouragement and this is something that will get a stranglehold on both you and your business if left unchecked. The first step to dealing with discouragement is identifying the cause according to Laura Spencer. In her article she does a great job of covering the main triggers for

How to Use Google +1 For Your Wedding Website

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There’s an old adage “enough is as much as a feast.” Well earlier this year Google decided that it had had enough of bad pages ranking high and relevant information ranking low. As a result they have instituted new tactics for ranking websites and pages. One of these ways is the new Google +1 button which is their answer to

Why Google +1 will Boost Your Ranking

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Getting your wedding business ranked on Google is sometimes as easy as adding a couple lines of html, especially when it comes to including Google +1 on your website and blog. So what is Google+1? You know there are a lot of ways to give people the option to click like on something and that it turns into an easy

Why You Should Re-Tool Your Sales Approach

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The last few years have triggered a marked change in the way that sales work. You used to be able to spend a ton of time on marketing and getting lots of return for your effort. Now day’s marketers are realizing that it is better to condense the process for the sake of cutting costs, and increasing the benefit of

The Rules for Wedding Industry Customer Service

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Customer service is an ongoing part of marketing. Whether you are on the client or service side of the process it is important to follow some basic rules to enable the situation to get resolved. I’m guessing that you have dealt with at least one bride who has come to you with a problem. A wedding is super important to

How Can I Find Out How I Compare to My Competition?

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I’m a big fan of marketing your business so that you don’t have any competition (see my article about How to Beat the Competition) but we get asked this question a lot.  And honestly, if you don’t know what your competition is up to and how you measure up, your wedding business can be in trouble. So what do you