Why Working Long Hours Doesn’t Pay

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When you start your own business it’s a given that you are going to work long hours at first to get the business off the ground. However, continuing to work those long hours for months and years on end create more problems than they help. Your productivity is going to be at its best during a normal 8 hour work

The Fate of Your Wedding Business Depends On This One Thing…

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Most wedding businesses are doomed. Jake worked for a communications company for years, and he hated it. He’d always been really good with video, so he started a wedding videography business on the side to pursue his passion. He worked REALLY hard. Not only on his baby video business, but at his day job, too. He was raking in the

How To Build Your Wedding Business Without Getting Sucked Into Bad Ideas

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  I’ve listened to a ton of webinars in the last few years, and I’m guessing that is what you are doing about now as well. The problem is that unless you are listening to the right webinar from the right person or company who understands your business you are going to get a ton of horrible advice. For instance,

How To Deal With Fear To Build A Successful Business

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  Fear is the great equalizer. It is what keeps you from building a successful business and reaching the top. This is something that history has shown over and over. If you control people through fear, no one will challenge you. Now we aren’t talking about taking over the world here, but when you build a business you are creating

Shaking Wedding Business Doldrums

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In the summer most businesses in the wedding market find themselves deal with slow weeks. The rush for the ideal spring wedding is over and you’re back to dealing with wondering how on earth to get your business up before winter. One of the best ways to deal with this is to find a solution. Carol Tice writes encouraging business

How To Find A Work-Life Balance

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Finding yourself turning into a workaholic is the accepted norm of today’s society. This becomes an even bigger problem when you are building your own business. While work is good, spending time with family and friends, and even more so, just taking a break, is essential for your mental and physical wellbeing. As productivity expert David Allen said “You can