How To Sell MORE To Brides

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If you want to sell more products and services to your clients, you’ve got to learn how to trigger your client’s buying response. The thing most of us don’t realize is that buying is always EMOTIONAL. Think about the last time you made a big purchase.  A car, a house, a wedding ring.  What drove you to part with that

How To Wipe Out Spam Email

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Spam.  Who doesn’t hate it?  The good news is that there are some great tools to deal with the mystery minced meat of mail! I’m a fan of Gmail myself, which is pretty cool in this area and of course is FREE. Here is a great blog from Lifehacker on some options to deal the killing blow to our least

Are You Selling Complicated to Brides?

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Ever notice how neurotic brides can be? Yeah.  So you’ve noticed. In most cases, they’ve been dreaming about their wedding day for years, and the day is all too swiftly arriving.  They’re full of hope for the future and fear that they’re going to mess it up. What Brides Really Need In this highly emotional state, decision-making, always a painful

10 Things I Could Live Without

In my daily perusing of the interwebs, usually in search of truth, insight or just mindless entertainment, I came across a blog post on a subject that’s been nagging at me quite a bit lately. You can read it here: 11 things my life doesn’t need Being rather vulnerable to distraction, you have no idea just how vulnerable, I’ve been

12 Blogging Tips For Non-Writers

Are you a writer? Just what I thought, me neither. What! How can this be? Yeah, I’m a blogger who struggles as a writer. That’s right world, deal with it! I’m a voracious reader, learner, dreamer and schemer (I prefer strategist).  Whenever I man the keyboard I’m sweating bullets.  I just wasn’t born with the writer gene. I watch my

Playing Safe Can Be Dangerous For Your Wedding Business

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Do you worry about turning Brides off with your marketing message? Let me throw you a curve ball on this sentiment.  You should turn some off..Seriously! Attracting the right clients should be what we shoot for in our marketing campaign.  In the process the “wrong” clients will look elsewhere. Unfortunately, most of us go with a generic message hoping to

How Do You Know If Your Wedding Website Sucks?

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So how do you know if your website is, shall we say, not exactly stellar? I’m glad you asked. But you might not be glad you asked. I love to critique. My wife calls me a professional hole puncher. Bring me your wedding business plan and I’ll poke it full of holes. Of course, that’s only if I like you.