WeddingWire vs. The Knot Advertising

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Don’t spend your precious advertising dollars until you read this! WeddingWire and The Knot are the two most prominent sites for wedding advertising in the US.  They’re often put head to head with this question, “Which is better?” Both sites offer free listings, reviews, educational events for wedding pros and wedding planning resources for couples. We’ll focus on their distinguishing

7 Sneaky Ways to Reach Couples With Facebook Ads

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Tempted to try Facebook Ads?  Given up on them because they “didn’t work?”  Even if you’re getting some results (most wedding pros aren’t) you’ve barely scratched the surface of the amazing marketing possibilities of this medium. I’ve adapted Aaron Zakowski’s “naughty” article, 10 Sneaky Ways to Use Facebook Custom Audiences for our own wedding industry. Most of these strategies involve

What You Need to Know About Bridal Advertising

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Whether you are new to the wedding industry and need to get your name out there or a seasoned pro who wants to stay in the spotlight, using paid advertising does have benefits – if you do it correctly. Many wedding pros waste money on unnecessary ads that don’t bring in qualified leads. Check out these articles to learn the

The Naked Truth About Wedding Collectives and Referral Groups

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Question: Are wedding collectives worth it? “I have a question of the week for you – regarding ‘wedding collectives.’ [Wedding collectives are exclusive groups of wedding professionals who form a group to attract couples and usually offer some kind of discount for hiring members.] My questions: Are these useful to join? Is it common for them to charge you to

WeddingWire Advertising Review: Wedding Pro Success Story

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Does WeddingWire advertising really work to get leads? I interviewed Chris Whitehead, Atlanta wedding and corporate events entertainment specialist at Atlanta DJ Online, to learn the unconventional strategy he’s been using to get high quality leads and book weddings with WeddingWire. The Challenge Chris’ WeddingWire featured listing was competing with dozens of other DJs.  He needed to stand out and

How to Get Leads From Paid Advertising

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When business starts to slow down, many wedding pros consider investing in advertising.  Paid online advertising can definitely work to get real leads.  However, there are several elements you need to get right in order for it to work. Here are four tips to create effective online ads: 1) Choose the Right Medium Make sure your target couples are actually

Paying For SEO vs. Bridal Magazine Ads: Which Gets More Leads?

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Question: Am I better off investing my limited marketing budget in SEO or magazine advertising? “Good morning Stephanie & Jeff. I have been in business since 2006 as a wedding photography studio. We started small with 60 weddings per year and grew the company to about 300 weddings by 2010. In and around that time, the economy started hitting the

The Cure for Expensive Bridal Advertising and Marketing Overwhelm

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What kind of wedding marketing REALLY works to get quality leads? You’ve got bridal shows, lead lists, networking, magazine ads, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, wedding directories, reviews, charity and community outreach, newspapers, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, flyers, email marketing, blogging… I’m certainly missing something and I’m already exhausted! Here’s the truth: ALL these types of marketing work.  Sometimes.  For some

The Surprising Truth About Where Brides and Grooms Really Go to Hire Their Vendors

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Where do brides go to find their wedding vendors? The truth about what really works to attract high quality leads and turn them into booked weddings is somewhat surprising. In order to really laser target the couples you want to attract, you need to understand how they plan their weddings, where they search for products and services and how they

How to Get More High Quality Leads Without Expensive Advertising or Complicated Marketing

“How do I get more leads for my wedding business?” In our recent survey of wedding professionals, this was far and away the biggest question.  And when it comes to marketing, vendors want to know how to get those leads without spending a lot of money. I have a few questions for you… Are you really good at what you