How to Create a Team of Brand Ambassadors For Your Wedding Company

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By Jennifer Taylor, Taylor’d Events While it may seem like a difficult thought to allow anyone else to represent and embody the brand you’ve developed from the ground up, don’t be quick to dismiss the perks that can come from introducing a new member to your brand. It’s not easy to loosen up the reins – you’ve watched your company

5 First Steps to Building Your Brand

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By Kaitlin Jones Whether you’re building your small business or you’re a brave solo-preneur starting to dip your feet into the world of wedding wonder, branding should be at the top of your To-Do List. More than just business cards and letterhead, everything under the umbrella term of “branding” is an instant snapshot of what your business can offer a

How to Be a Branding Bad Ass Like Stone Fox Bride

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When Molly Guy got engaged in 2010 she was “super bummed” with the Manhattan wedding industry. Everything was frills and lace, formal, ultra-traditional and utterly not her. Her own disappointing search for cool and edgy bridal fashions inspired Stone Fox Bride, a Manhattan bridal boutique curating handmade, local designs. It literally “flips the bird” at the traditionally conservative wedding industry

How To Find Your Wedding Business Brand

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  When you start a business it is really easy to forget to brand that business. So what exactly does it mean to brand your business? To keep things simple the dictionary definition is “a particular product or a characteristic that serves to identify a particular product.” It is what sets your business apart from every other business on the

Knowing When To Give Your Business A Facelift

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  There are a million ways to improve your wedding business. However realize that each time you change the format of your website, change your email newsletters, change your business cards, etc. you are actually re-branding your business. This can be a really good thing if your business really needs it, but it can also be a bad thing if

Lessons Learned from Branding Disasters

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A branding disaster is when something happens which tarnishes the image of a brand. Most often this is triggered when the brand, business, or person does something which goes against what their brand or image stands for. Let’s think about it. In Egypt President Honsi Mubarak made the mistake of not being open to feedback. When anyone, including a president

What Will Your Brand Look Like In 2011?

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What will your brand look like in 2011?  I don’t know about you, but I want mine to be fun, informative, cutting edge with a dash of attitude!  The whole concept of building your brand is something you should ad to your list of must do’s in 2011. Its time to build your unforgettable personal brand..get busy! Brands Have More