Need Fresh Wedding Blog Ideas?

blog idea

Have you ever wondered where on earth bloggers come up with their information and how on earth they managed to consistently continue being creative?  While creativity does play a big part in a successful blog, there are some basic places you can go to help trigger the creative flow. For instance, if you are writing […]

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Which Type Are You?

Why do we let words on a computer monitor affect us so much? Who knows why, but we do.  We see a new comment or message and our hearts do a little flutter.  We hover over the link in anticipation.  (You do it.  Admit it.) And how deflated do you feel if you see it’s […]

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Wedding Blog Tips: Big or Small?

the blog

                  Which way would you prefer to get your point across?  Putting all of the information you wish to share into one long article or publishing the information in several small blog posts? I think there are pros and cons to both of these approaches…the one long […]

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Are You Obsessed With Facebook?

facebook hand

I admit I have a rather strong admiration for Facebook.  Hell, its fun, its helped keep me in touch with my kids , I’ve reconnected with old friends, made new ones, hot damn I’ve made MONEY! These are pretty good reasons to develop a powerful like..but am I obsessed? Maybe a little.. Obsessed With Facebook […]

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5 Powerful Business Resolutions

I know, New Years has come and gone but still I opine about resolutions.  Well suck it up people!  I’m passionate about your success in 2011, some the nudges will continue! Here is a great post on 5 business resolutions for 2011 that you should definitely have on your list. 5 Marketing Resolutions

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