Stand Out From Competitors. Stand Out From Competitors. Stand Out From Competitors

The image on your website homepage is more important than you think. 

If this main image is too generic, confusing, or showing a stressful experience, it could be the reason you are not getting enough bookings. 

The goal of your homepage image is to have a potential couple land on your website and immediately know you get them. This is achieved by showing a picture that is a visual representation of your ideal couples’ emotional needs and what they want out of your business. If you don’t yet know the emotional need of your ideal couples we recommend reading How To Stand Out From Your Wedding Business Competitors.

When you get this image right it will connect with the written words on your website and deliver a clear picture to your ideal couples, making them want to scroll down or click your CTA.

“You want to make sure you are showing your couples an image that they want to live out, an image they want to pay to experience.”

So how do you choose the perfect homepage image? 

  1. Don’t use a generic picture:

Showing a generic picture of two people dancing is confusing. Are you a DJ? A lighting company? A formal clothing retailer? If it is unclear what you are offering you will undoubtedly create confusion, leading to your ideal couples moving on and looking at your competitor’s website.

  1. Show more than just your product or service:

Using an image of just your product or service, such as a tablescape, is a big no no. This is not why your couples are going to hire you, they are going to hire you because they want to feel a certain way on their wedding day. 

Instead use a picture that not only shows your offering but also shows your couples experiencing their emotional need being fulfilled by your product or service. 

  1. Avoid using Stock Images:

When you are just starting out, stock images are a great way to bring a professional look to your website. However, you will find more success connecting with a local photographer, spending a little extra money and having great quality photos taken that are unique to your wedding business. 

Your ideal couples’ emotional needs are going to be very different based on the product/service that you offer, the industry you are in, what they want out of working with you, and how you can deliver on those things. It’s hard to find an image that nails all this when using stock images. 

  1. Never use your headshot as the main image. 

Whilst it’s a great idea to have a good quality photo of you on your website to show your potential couples who they will be working with, save this for the About Me/Us page.

  1. Showcase the “Wow Factor” of your offering:

The main image on your website allows you to show your couples exactly what their wedding day will look and feel like if they hired you. So set the scene! Create a styled photoshoot that allows you to get the professional photos you need and get the picture of success. 

For a wedding venue with tall statement windows in front of a wooded setting, take a photo of a couple getting married in front of those tall windows. Show your couples: “This is what it will look like if you got married here!” 

  1. Showoff why you are different from your competitors:

You are offering an incredible service/product that is different from your competitors, so emphasise what makes your business unique.

If you own a wedding venue that is rich in history, quirky or unique, such as a post-office turned wedding venue, show it off! Use the perfect image that connects you with the couples who believe a unique wedding venue will make their big day unforgettable. 

By following these expert tips you will be able to show your ideal couples what their experience is going to be like if they hired you. This will make it easier for them to decide “Yes this is the wedding pro for me!” or “Hmmm no this isn’t for me, better keep looking”.

This is a good thing! 

This will save you and your wedding couples a lot of time, stress and hassle. Finally you will be bringing in the right couples, and pushing away the couples who are just going to end up wasting your time and theirs. Imagine spending several weeks or months working together before both of you realise “This is not a great fit”. No wedding pro wants to be in that position. 

So, wedding pro, I have a question for you …

Is your website showing a picture of success or stress?

For expert help turning your website image into a clear emotional experience your couples won’t be able to resist email us at Book More Brides today!

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