money jar

Every business has problems and typically we see the symptoms of the problem and try to do whatever we think necessary to fix the symptom. It’s called buying into tactics rather than setting a strategy in place that will help you avoid the problem in the first place.

I love to bake, but I hate it when I start a recipe and discover that I don’t have the ingredients, like powdered sugar for icing. Getting a quick fix without solving the underlying issue is like finding a replacement ingredient, but never putting that things you need on a list. The best way to solve the issue in the first place is to read through the ingredients before you start making the icing, and buy the correct ingredients before ever starting.

Marketing Consultant Bill Brelsford writes “we need to create a business system before we try to automate it” and how true this is! While buying into tactics such as computer programs to solve your business problems may work, it will cost you less time and money in the long run to work out your business strategy before you ever start something.

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