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We have all heard the term “information overload” but what does that mean in the information age to a wedding business? It means you, like everyone else, have to sort through an amazing amount of information to figure out how to reach the bridal market.

As John Jantsch points out on his blog Duct Tape Marketing, information on marketing is based on trends, which can be incredibly hard to read as to whether the trend will take off, or waste your time. The last thing any wedding business wants to do is to spend months, or even years doing something that simply does not reach their market.

Keeping up with trends is important however as being the first on the bandwagon sets you apart from your competition. Think about it this way: a way of marketing, such as blogging, emailing, or social media is a tool. If it’s a tool it means you can think through how it will, or won’t work for you, use other tools to check its effectiveness in marketing to your brides, and use it as little or as much as works the best for you. For more tips and tools for how to sort through marketing trends to find what will work for you check out John Jantsch’s article.

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