7 Sneaky Ways to Reach Couples With Facebook Ads

Tempted to try Facebook Ads?  Given up on them because they “didn’t work?”  Even if you’re getting some results (most wedding pros aren’t) you’ve barely scratched the surface of the amazing marketing possibilities of this medium. I’ve adapted Aaron Zakowski’s “naughty” article, 10 Sneaky Ways to Use Facebook Custom Audiences for our own wedding industry. […]

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6 Steps to be More Effective on Social Media

Social Media Magnifier

Social media can either be a great way to generate new bridal leads or a big waste of time, depending on your social media plan. Don’t have one? Start now to stop wasting your time and make social media count for your wedding business. Here are 6 Steps to a Social Media  Plan: 1. Set […]

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5 Ideas for Bride Attracting Social Media Posts

Social Media Flowers

You know you need to keep your wedding business social media content fresh, but sometimes coming up with new ideas is difficult. Besides sharing your current projects and real weddings, what else should you post to attract brides ? Here are some ideas for wedding-related social media updates: 1. Love Quotes While quotes can sometimes […]

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Using HARO to Get Press for Your Wedding Business

Wedding Magazine Spread

Did you know getting your wedding business mentioned in the press can be a simple as reading and responding to an email?  Well it can be if you use HARO, which stands for ‘Help a Reporter Out’.  It is a free daily email service that connects reporters, blogs and publications to people that can provide […]

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Free Marketing: How to Get Real Leads With #Hashtags

How To Get Read Leads with #Hashtags

Social media is Da Bomb for your business. Or at least that’s what everyone says. Yet if you talk to most wedding business owners, they spend hours on social media with little or no results. I’ve recruited some of the social media savviest wedding pros to prove that it IS possible to get free marketing […]

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How to Get Started on Social Media

Social Media Icons

Whether you’ve been purposely avoiding social media or just haven’t had time to do it, you need to start connecting today.  Having an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Google+ or Pinterest can help to grow your wedding business- brides and grooms expect to find you on at least one social media […]

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Social Media at Weddings: Trendy or Trashy?

twitter wedding

A few weeks ago, a reporter from Fox Business News called us for some comments about the W Hotel’s $3,000 “social media concierge” service providing professional coverage of the wedding via Twitter, Instagram, Vine and even your blog. It got me thinking about the impact of social media on modern weddings.  I turned to our […]

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