How To Use LinkedIn For A Wedding Business

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  Have you set up your LinkedIn profile yet? If not you are missing out on a great way to build your business. While LinkedIn isn’t used for as much social interaction as other sites what it does do is answer a very simple question, “Who is this person, and why should I care?” Your […]

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The Dark Side of Social Media

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  For at least a couple years now, everyone who’s anyone has been saying you NEED to use social media for your wedding business. “It’s where the brides are, it’s free marketing, it’s the wave of the future, it will change your entire life…” This isn’t 100% true. You don’t HAVE to have a Facebook […]

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Why Facebook Privacy Isn’t A Losing Battle

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  Facebook is for social networking. As a result you are going to be sharing a huge amount of personal information which then puts your security and your business security at risk. Does that mean that you shouldn’t use Facebook? Absolutely not. While it may be easier to just never open an account the reality […]

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How To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

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  Hopefully your business has a good business page already on Facebook. But is it working for you? If not it is very likely that you’ve fallen for the idea that your Facebook business page is like a website, all about sales. Mike does a good job reminding us that Facebook is more about social […]

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Ways To Keep Focused On A Project

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                      Staying focused on work can be tough for all of us. It is so easy to get distracted while doing a task, or to attempt to multi task while working which lowers the quality of the work, and slows us down. Not that multi […]

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