In a world that is constantly changing we have created ways to keep up with each other through social media. However there is the question about how it fits in a wedding in a way that keeps everyone in the loop. Check out the blog by Amy-Mae Elliott on Mashable about social media and weddings!

Remember the trend to run a photo collage at the end of a wedding? Use a laptop, projector and screen and encourage people to stop by and tweet, or upload pictures. A DJ could then keep it running throughout the reception so that all the guests can enjoy the updates.

bride and car

If grandparents or aunts and uncles can’t make it to the wedding they can be kept up to date by Videographers and photographers who set up a live stream from the wedding.

I remember the when the YouTube videos of a bride and groom updating their status during the wedding first came out. Make sure that the bride and groom are able to take time to enjoy the occasion and the real people who are around them. Social media is a wonderful trend as long as it doesn’t detract from the actual event.

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