Piggy_BanksWhen it comes to taking a good look at real nationwide wedding statistics The Knot is considered one the best places to get the information. They just finished a survey on weddings and Chris Jaeger posted the results on The Knot.

What many wedding businesses will probably find as the biggest shock is the fact that the average cost of weddings hasn’t dropped off due to the economy. Weddings on average cost about the same as ever, and brides who want to cut costs tend to do so through cutting the guest list, not cutting the luxury out of their big day. That said the statistics also show that some regions were hit worse than others, and the cost of the average wedding will depend completely on where in the country the wedding is held.

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3 thoughts on “So What Are The Real Wedding Statistics?”

  1. Nicholas says:

    be aware that if 99 people spend $10k on their wedding, and one person spends $1million, then the Knot can say the average is $20,000. unfortunately, the actual average spend is $10000, correctly calculated as the Median. Let us not lie to the public, lest we be seen as simply greedy and willing to use false calculations to justify high prices

  2. It’s also good to point out that The Knot’s survey average wedding budget stats are higher than those reported by The Wedding Report.

    The Wedding Report shows another DECREASE in the average US wedding budget in the first half of 2011, after an increase in 2010.

    The Knot’s survey typically come from weddings with a higher average budget because those are the brides using their site. Those who have civil ceremonies or very small weddings often don’t visit The Knot, so they aren’t included in the sample.

    The Wedding Report attempts to collect surveys from ALL budget levels.

    I’d say the real numbers are probably somewhere in between.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whoah, thats quite unexpected. Then again there is the idea that people invite certain guests out of obligation. Perhaps that’s what’s happening here. Perhaps Brides (and Grooms) are still motivated to have their wedding their way and price restrictions are highlighting that guests they don’t know that well detract from that original vision.

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