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What if I could show you the cheapest, most effective way to reach your ideal wedding couples right now?

That would be pretty darn cool of me, wouldn’t it?

Say no more. It’s done!

Watch this video:

Facebook Ads really are that powerful and effective.

This is just one of the DOZENS of highly effective targeting strategies you can use to reach the brides and grooms who are looking for a service like yours.

Learn how one wedding pro got a 4,400% ROI on her Facebook Ads (not a typo!) on a single $200 investment.

What do you think about getting wedding leads with Facebook Ads?


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Stephanie Padovani

Stephanie is a Hudson Valley wedding insider, blogger, writer, and wedding business coach. Want to book more weddings at higher prices? Quit dealing with price shoppers? Transform your wedding business so that it supports the life you really want? Look her up! They don't call her the Wedding Business Cheerleader for nothing. :)

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3 thoughts on “The Sneaky Way to Book More Weddings With Facebook”

  1. David says:

    I am going to give this a go – I will let u know my results!

  2. I love it! Stephanie, I followed your directions on the Facebook ad tutorial you gave… I spent a total of $80… I got nine Leads… 6 of them gave me permission to send them information and they’ve given me all of their information. I’m working on them now. 3 of them I have not been able to reach yet not bad for running the ad for 1 week!

    1. So excited for you, Christi! Thanks for sharing. Just think: this is only the beginning. 🙂

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