plantable invitation

Going green is the big push right now. Unlike 20-30 years ago going green is easy for any business and regardless of what your take on the subject is politically, going green in small ways can benefit your business. Every little thing you do to cut waste and energy usage adds up in your monthly bills.

If you haven’t done anything to go green yet there is an easy way to get started. At the end of the day unplug your equipment. The larger of a business you have the bigger an impact this will have on your electric bill as well as your areas power grid. For more easy tips for going green in your business check out this article by Susan Ward.

There is another level of going green which directly affects your day to day business. In the wedding industry there is a lot of paper used from start to end with each and every bride you book. Switching to recycled paper is not only socially responsible it connects with brides who live more eco friendly lives and pick businesses accordingly. Making this simple switch might not matter to some brides, but will connect your business with brides who would otherwise choose another wedding vendor. So, what have you done to go green in your wedding business?

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