You’re probably losing leads right now…and you don’t even know it.

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Problem: Most of your website visitors leave and never come back.

Here’s how to know if this is happening to you.  Ask yourself:

How many website visitors do you have each day?

How many LEADS do you get from your website each day?

What happened to the rest of those website visitors?

Now even if only 50% of your visitors are real couples in the market for your product or service (experts tell us the rest are competitors, bots and other random visitors…)

And even if only half of those are a good match for you…

You’re still missing out on qualified leads.

Solution: Capture them with a free giveaway offer.

Most of the people who land on your website are not quite ready to meet.  They don’t want to contact you (yet) so they leave, and unfortunately, most will never make it back.

But what if you made them a juicy, FREE offer for something really cool?

All they have to do is enter their email address and you’ll send it to them.

They enter an email address, you send the freebie.

Now you have the lead and permission to follow up with them.  Lead captured!

You can also use this strategy to capture leads from a bridal show, directory listing, print advertisement or anywhere else with bride and groom traffic you can entice with a valuable giveaway.

“But what do I have to give them?”

This is where most wedding pros get stumped.  They have no idea what to use as a free giveaway.

I’m really excited to share this amazing product we found that makes the PERFECT free giveaway for your couples.

Give them a custom branded Savvy Wedding Budget planner.

Every couple has a budget and most of them struggle with crunching the numbers.  Become their hero by solving their pain with this free gift.

The Savvy Wedding Budget is a smart wedding budget template that guides a bride or groom through a simple approach to budgeting the wedding.  It’s highly customizable with room for multiple categories and subcategories.  You can use it with most versions of Excel.

The Branded Savvy Wedding Budget is the custom business version of the Savvy Wedding Budget, and it comes with a license for unlimited distribution.  Translation: you can email, print or offer it as a download to brides and grooms as many times as you want.  All of which is super cool.

BONUS: it’s customized with your business name, logo and colors.  Every time they use it, it promotes your wedding business.

Get your custom branded Savvy Wedding Budget today and save 20% when you mention “Book More Brides!”

Branded Wedding Budget

Here’s what brides are saying about the Savvy Wedding Budget…

“Amazing!! This spreadsheet was invaluable as we dealt with the unfortunate reality check that is a wedding budget. It laid everything out clearly and thoroughly, without being overwhelming. Efficient, helpful, and cute to boot? This is a must have for any bride.” – Hannah Fox

“This spreadsheet is great. It helped me to get organized because it lists all of the possible expenses FOR you...I would never have known all of these expenses in advance – many of them I would not have thought of until they came up during planning. It’s easy to use and really gorgeous to boot. Thank you! – Lindsay Hegg

How to Boost Your Business With the Branded Savvy Wedding Budget

A free giveaway is only ONE way wedding pros can use the Branded Savvy Wedding Budget.

Check out these smart marketing strategies:

  • Wedding planners, integrate it into a valuable budget consultation which you can sell or give away free to encourage meetings.
  • Sell it as an add on or part of a bundled package with other wedding planning tools.
  • Give them to your current clients as a free gift to surprise and delight them.
  • Insert a flyer with your offer for the Branded Savvy Wedding Budget into the registration bags at a bridal show to increase leads and traffic to your website.

Using the Branded Savvy Wedding Budget is an easy way to get your company name out there and provide an awesome service for your clients at the same time.

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