Price Tag
Pricing for wedding services can sometimes be tricky, especially if you provide personalized quotes. Here is a quick pricing tip that you can implement today to increase your bottom line: omit the zeros.

According to this article from Skillcrush, the zeros are the first thing your client’s eyes go to when looking at your prices.  While it is tempting to round the numbers to be even (a habit I’m guilty of as well) giving the client a very specific number actually makes it more appealing as it feels like the price was completely thought out and exact. This builds trust and may make prospects more likely to book with you.

Many wedding pros tend to round down the numbers to make their prices seem less expensive, for example from $3000 to $2999.  Instead, try going over your normal package price – if your photography package is $4000 try listing it as $4125 (of course, assuming that you provide that amount of value). Just making this small adjustment to your pricing could increase your profit.

This tip also works if you provide customized quotes for your wedding products or services. For example, if you are a florist and you give a breakdown of each item on your custom proposal, just omit the zeros – instead of $150.00 use $155.

You can also combine this tip with others you’ve probably heard, like ending your prices with a 7 or a 9. While there are whole books written on pricing psychology, this simple tip is easy to implement.

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