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How to get more couples to your website so you can capture those leads

Not sure how to get your site in front of more couples?

You want to improve your wedding lead generation, so you’re doing the social media thing, writing blog posts, commenting in groups online – you seem to be working harder than ever, but you’re not seeing the results you want (that is, more leads coming in).

Is it even worth it?

Everyone SAYS blogging is a game-changer for their wedding business, but it just doesn’t seem to be for yours. So what can you do differently to get your website seen?

First, you have to realize that blogging is a slow (but necessary) path to wedding lead generation.

But more than likely, there are three essential elements missing:

  • Local keyword phrases.
  • Consistent blog posts every week.
  • Earning backlinks and getting your blog posts shared.


What do brides and grooms who are searching for a wedding pro in your area type in to the search engines to find one?

That’s what you want to come up for on page one of Google so that they can find you – and to do that, those words must appear on your website and blog.

When the search engines look at your website and blog, they can only read text to figure out what it’s about – and if you only have one local keyword phrase on your website (for example, “wedding DJ in Massachusetts and New Hampshire”), and it’s a little broad like this one is, the harder it will be for your website to show up on page one of Google.

Local keywords will bring in more targeted couples, and will be easier to rank for as well. Here are a few examples:

  • (Your city) (your service offering) – for instance, “Andover DJ”
  • (Your city) weddings
  • Other terms that contain the names of your region, county or large cities that get a lot of searches (for example, “Metro Detroit,” “Tri-City,” etc.), but don’t have as much competition as a search term for your entire state

You can use the Google Keyword Tool to find out which search terms get searched for the most.

Put those specific keyword phrases on your website in the following places so that you get found for those terms. (Website tools like the YOAST plugin also make it easy.)

Here are some places to include those specific keyword phrases on your website:

  • Page titles
  • URLs
  • Tag and categories
  • Blog post titles
  • In the text on your pages

NOTE: When in doubt on how to use keywords correctly, make sure it makes sense and is useful for your website visitors first; don’t just cram keywords in there for SEO reasons.


How often should you be blogging for wedding lead generation?

Ideally, you should post a 100-200 word article about local wedding topics and containing local keywords at least once per week, preferably 2-3 times. (Check out our post on Instagram for some ideas on what to blog about!)

If you can stay consistent with this, you’ll see your website traffic steadily increase over the next month or so.


Guest blog posts on other websites with a link back to your site are a great way to earn backlinks. Make sure you write up each wedding you work (even if it was in the past – you don’t have to say it was from six months ago or longer!), credit and link to the vendors, post it on your social media channels and tag them, and send them a link to your blog post, either by email or through a direct message (DM).

Especially make sure you send the couple a link to your post of their wedding so they can share it too! This earns backlinks and get traffic and shares on social media naturally.

What are your biggest struggles on using blogs for wedding lead generation? Email us and we would love to help you out!

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