service that go the extra mile

Your customer service journey doesn’t end once you book your couple.

In this blog, we share two simple but powerful techniques you can use to upgrade your customer service experience and help your couples feel confident that they made the right choice. Not only does this help set the stage for an excellent experience for you and your brides, but it also creates a solid foundation to get the referral after the wedding is over.

“The buying decision has some logic to it, but mostly it’s a very emotional decision.” 

These techniques will help you connect with your couples and help you understand what is at the heart of why they want to hire you.

Elevate your wedding business with a questionnaire

If you aren’t already sending new leads a questionnaire, this is a practice you should start implementing today. Questionnaires ask simple questions such as, how did you hear about me? But, to get to the core of why your couples are really buying from you and how you can go the extra mile for them, ask a question like these:

  1. What is your number one goal for working with me?
  2. Is there anything we haven’t talked about that you would like from me, for your wedding?
  3. What made you decide to choose me for your wedding over other wedding professionals?

This will help you better understand the “why” that is driving your couples to book with you over your competition.  Find out what it is that they’re looking to get out of their experience with you. This will give you knowledge to work with more of your ideal couples.

Not only will these questions give you valuable information and feedback to better understand why couples end up choosing you, but it also helps you with your SEO Strategy. When your couples answer your questionnaire, they give you the actual phrases that they type into Google when they’re searching for a wedding professional. These are the keywords you should be using on your website, blog posts, and social media posts. 

Provide a timeline of important dates 

Providing a timeline of events is an underutilized practice that only some wedding pros are currently offering and one that will help your wedding business go the extra mile for your couples. While planning a wedding, couples have to juggle a team of wedding professionals with different contracts and expectations. So make their wedding planning experience easier by creating a timeline that clearly outlines what your couples can expect from working with you. 

Include general information such as delivery dates, payment due dates, meeting dates, when details will be finalized, when they should expect to hear from you, and when they can expect to receive the finished product after their wedding day.

Break the information down by months: 1 month before the wedding etc. This can be as simple as a Word document with your logo at the top, or a fancy graphic in Canva. Or, to provide a next-level customer service experience, you can create a timeline template that you customize for each new couple you book. 

Receiving important information in a formalized timeline will give your couples a next-level, exclusive experience because it shows that you took the time and the care to go above and beyond the basics. This will also hopefully prevent those stress-filled emails from hitting your inbox at 11 p.m.

This technique will help you form trust with your couples, and prove that they are in good hands, giving them the, “oh my gosh, they know exactly what I want” feeling. In addition, being able to show this to potential clients may be the competitive advantage that seals the deal over your competition.

As you scale and grow your wedding business remember this … 

Our goal is to help you scale your wedding business, book more weddings and build the wedding business of your dreams. But that means that, just as you improve your craft and customer service, you also need to improve your online presence and marketing. Going the extra mile with your customer service will help you bring in referrals, but we don’t want your wedding business’s success based on referrals alone.

That is we are offering you a complimentary call with our team of marketing experts, where you can have your online presence and marketing strategy audited! This call will help you find the next steps to grow your wedding business. 

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service that go the extra mile