Yesterday’s wedding advertising doesn’t work like it did in the old days.

Bridal shows, magazines, directory listings, newspapers — What? You mean those things we use to line the birdcage? — are not typically the best places to find today’s couples.

Wedding Business Educating Millennials


96% of Millennials use the internet to plan the wedding and 92% of them are looking for PRICE. (WeddingWire WedInsights 2017)

That’s pretty darn near ALL of them!

Here’s thing:

A pretty website isn’t enough. These couples are savvy shoppers and lightning fast Googlers who want information now.

Content marketing is the key to reaching these information-hungry, price shopping Millennial couples.

“Content marketing” is creating educational and/or entertaining videos, articles and social media posts that are not designed to directly sell, but to stimulate awareness and demand for your services.

Today’s brides and grooms can smell a sales pitch miles away. They aren’t buying.

But if you scratch their itch for how to articles, price comparisons and “life hacks,” you can fly under the radar and (stealth) educate them on why you’re the #1 choice.


4 Tips For Content That Connects

#1 – Start early and create content for every stage of the planning process.

We know they’re online looking for information about the wedding…usually long before they’re looking to hire your particular type of service.

Collect questions from your ideal clients and answer them in useful videos, blog posts and social media content.


What questions do they have?

What are they looking for?

What inspires them?


The earlier in the process your message reaches them, the more time you have to develop the relationship and the more likely they will book you.


#2 – Create useful, original content.

Sorry, there’s no way around this one.

With a Googleable encyclopedia-load of knowledge at their fingertips, brides and grooms can find all the generic answers.

You know those outdated planning checklists and budgets? Yeah, they bore them, too.

Create tutorials, inspiration boards, tips and resources couples can’t find anywhere else.

Hint: go LOCAL to stand out with original content that’s easier for you to create as a local expert.


#3 – Create bite-sized content.

The information you provide should be easily consumed and irresistibly shareable.

Think tweetable quotes, pins, gifs and snaps.

While there IS a place for longer content (thank goodness, it’s not dead yet!) it’s much easier to draw them in with micro-content.


#4 – Repurpose, recycle and promote.

Content creation can become a whole other job!

Do yourself a favor; whenever you create one great piece of content, repurpose it for other mediums.

Tips in a blog post can become dozens of social media posts. One video interview can be rewritten as a series of articles or one-minute clips. The photo highlights from a real wedding can be pinned and ‘grammed.

Create a system for repurposing and reusing your content so that it’s easy to create and share.

And don’t forget to promote those evergreen pieces to the next season of couples! It will be brand new to them.

Does your wedding business connect with millennials?