Why Selling Isn’t Evil

Old man and money

Guest Post by Dan Waters Where does your dislike of salespeople come from? Is it those cold calls where the salesperson talks relentlessly at the speed of a race horse commentator? Perhaps it was a dodgy garage owner who promised one price and then ramped it up once their mechanic had your car in bits? […]

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Is Your Age Killing Your Wedding Business?

Baby DJ

Question: I had my worst year ever. I’ll be 67 soon – do you think my age is killing my business? Dear Stephanie and Jeff, I live in a small town.  I used to DJ at several of the local radio stations and have been in the DJ business more than 25 years.  This was […]

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How to Market a Wedding Product

Bride with Microphone

Question: I’ve written a wedding speech book. How do I market a product rather than a service? “Hi, I’ve watched several of your videos and I had a question. I received your download a while back for which directories to submit to but I’ve written a wedding speech activity book and I was wondering, do […]

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How to Create an Automatic Response That Books Weddings

question mark

Question: How should I respond to email leads when they ask for prices? “Thank you for sharing your videos about the automatic expert system. I would like to implement it in my business. I have a question though about brides that contact you directly (they don’t sign up for your newsletter or the bride “bribe”). […]

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