Pricing psychology: Tricks so brides can’t say “no!”

Tricks so brides can't say "no!"

Pricing psychology is not a new phenomenon. In fact, even if you look at the words “pricing psychology” or “strategic pricing,” you intuitively know what it means. Overall, it’s a tactic that takes advantage of customers’ emotional responses to certain price points. Since you’re in the wedding business, you’ve seen more than one emotional response, […]

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Diversify! Make More Money By Charging Your Clients Less


In London, some folks are getting ready to open up something of a wedding superstore. You’ll be able to buy dresses and tuxes there, but that’s only the beginning. You can order stationary. Test out the fare of, and book, caterers. Ditto for DJs, who will have sample recordings and videos. Wedding insurance. EVVVVERYTHING. By […]

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5 Ways to Get DIY Couples to Hire You

By Venus Marigmen When Ralph popped the yes-no question that came with a sparkling rock, one of the many thoughts that immediately came to my mind was this: We are definitely DIY-ing this wedding because there’s no way we can afford to hire wedding professionals. While I was excited and honored to be asked to […]

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3 Client Communications Lessons From a Dog Trainer

The other day Jeff decided to teach our dogs to drag their doggie beds from my office to the living room on command. This is a regular nightly activity, and Jeff was tired of doing the moving. “Chili, get your bed,” he said, pointing to her dog bed. She wiggled with excitement and looked around […]

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