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With an ever-present shift of brides and grooms looking to social media for wedding pros, it’s more important than ever to have a strong presence in the social media world.

Many wedding businesses have Facebook and Twitter pages, but have you thought about using Pinterest to boost your web traffic and sales? Let’s face it, brides are all over Pinterest looking for ideas they can use for the perfect wedding. You can be the one pinning those great ideas!

Brian Lang  wrote an incredible article showing how he became one of the top 10 pinners in his niche (baby showers) on Pinterest. He shared some great tips that you can apply to your wedding business to start a Pinterest following.

Here’s how you take take this a step further for generating leads:

  1. Share at least one new pin every week. – Keep consistently putting your business and your brand out there to increase your audience.
  2. Link EVERY pin to a page on your website or blog where people can get more information. – This gets people to your site, checking out what you have to offer, and increases your web presence.
  3. Create pins around the most popular wedding topics. – Showcase holiday themes, DIY weddings, etc. Make your business the authority for knowing the hottest trends for weddings.

Apply these tips for your wedding business, and you’ll be on your way to more website traffic and leads and even booked weddings!

What could YOU do with a Pinterest page for your wedding business?

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2 thoughts on “How to Rock Pinterest and Become a Top Pinner in Your Wedding Niche”

  1. debbra says:

    Great info as always. I had someone tell me the more urls for your page the better. Is this true? They said you can point a separate url for ur blog page and it generates more traffic. Is this true or does it just add more do to my already full to so list?
    Thank you,

  2. I haven’t had anyone book me yet via a pin, but did get a booking for a lovely Asian bride from a photo I added to my review of a wedding venue on Trip Advisor! It wasn’t even a venue near her either, so you never know which egg from which basket will hatch out and become a swan.

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