If you’re just getting into trying out content marketing you might be dealing with the feeling of being overwhelmed. The question “What on earth should I write about” is something that even the most prolific writer deals with.

My Dying Brides of Boredom

The good thing for a wedding business however is that their topic has already been chosen for them: Weddings. Brides are looking for all the information on weddings that they can find. Make sure when you are writing however to make your article informative, not just a plug for your services. Talk about weddings you have recently done, upcoming weddings, mistakes that you’ve seen brides make, etc.

Always remember though that the whole purpose of your articles is not only to draw in traffic, but to gain the trust and interest of brides in your area, who are looking for someone with your services. Newt Barrett has some great article marketing tips in his article so make sure to check it out! What challenges do you face in article marketing?

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