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If you’ve never had a customer referral from a bride you are missing a hugely beneficial market. If you prove yourself to one bride and she recommends you to her friends when they get married and they have a great experience not only does it build an awesome reputation for your business, it also brings in a larger number of happy brides who are predisposed to like you.

Getting referrals isn’t just hit and miss however. You are only going to get referrals if you exceed a bride’s expectation according to Cynthia Clark in her great article on the subject. Exceeding a bride’s expectation can be done by giving the bride and groom a wedding gift, making sure to resolve a situation if something went wrong, or being nice to the maid of honor from hell. Everything adds up. The bottom line is that by making your brides happy and treating them well you can get some golden referrals. What has been your experience with wedding referrals?

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