By Kathy DalPra

Google is watching you

After months of preparing us, Google finally retired one of our most beloved products, the free external Keyword Tool. For years, those of us trying to make seo a part of our overall marketing strategy have made this little tool our go-to resource for learning more about what couples are searching for online. Now that it’s gone, what do we do?

Free Replacements

Luckily, Google has not totally left us hangin’. It has replaced it’s old tool with the newly revised Keyword Planner. It’s basically a keyword research and traffic estimator tool for Google Adwords customers. Don’t worry, it’s still free. You just have to sign up for an Adwords account to get it. (Here’s my overview of the Keyword Planner tool if you want the pros and cons.)

There are also many free third-party keyword research software programs out there that work well, including some paid ones that start out with free trials if you want to try before you buy. Here’s a list of 12 free tools and another list of 10 free ones you can check out.

Paid Replacements

I’ve tried more SEO software in my many years of mastering this craft than I care to admit. There are a lot of good ones out there, so I don’t want to limit you from making your own call on what you like best. Some of my favorites have been Market Samurai, Traffic Travis and WordTracker. If you know what you’re doing, they can all serve their purpose.

Although I’m really going to miss my old mainstay, and I’m sure you will too, we’re not totally without options. When you have some free time, check out the alternatives and see for yourself how you can pick right back up where you left off with your keyword research routine.

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