How To Get Your Wedding Clients To Give You Free Promotion

This article is the final one in my series from my attendance at the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego in April.

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This tip I picked up is GOLD…so hold on to your hats and get ready to pinch yourself!

After a client makes the oh-so-crucial decision to make you a part of their wedding day team and they actually sign on the dotted line, we often get those emails saying, “We are super excited to be working with you? When can we get started?”

The client is euphoric and that means this is your window to have them share the awesomeness of booking you with their friends. How?

In your “welcome aboard” email or your “thanks for your payment” confirmation, give the client something cool and easy to tweet, post, or share.

Make it completely “done for you” and as simple as the click of a button.

Here is an example from the airline Jet Blue as discussed by Michael Stelzner in his keynote address at the conference.

How Jet Blue Gets Free Promotion

#1 – An invitation to share with family and friends.

Jet Blue

#2 – An invitation to connect on social media, join a rewards club and use their unique hashtag.

Jet Blue 2

#3 – Providing easy ideas and one click share buttons.

Jet Blue 3
In a nutshell, you get the online conversation about you started for them. Cha-ching! Easy as can be, right?

This is free publicity that you can start generating today without needing to buy anything or invest a heap of time you don’t have.

Here’s how Michael Stelzner’s own website, Social Media Examiner, used this trick on the social media gurus who attended the conference:

How Social Media Marketing World Does It

SMMW just booked tweetSMMW just booked tweet 2

Let me share one final example of how I have personally implemented this little nugget of wisdom into my own wedding business.

Free Wedding Promotion For DJ Staci

DJ Staci Booked

Be sure that your “just booked” celebration “share-able” includes your hashtag, focuses on the client’s perspective or tells the client’s story, and that it’s fun and not sales-y.

I’d love to see how you add this fast and easy social media trick for free publicity to your wedding business.

Share your experience in the comments!