Batch Your Limited Time For Increased Profit

Batch your limited time for increased profit

time batching to increase profit As a wedding business owner, your daily to-do list never ends. There are always certain tasks to complete to help grow your business before you can even get to the high-level tasks, all while trying to maintain somewhat of a personal life.  “Maintaining a successful wedding business, family, and personal […]

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7 Business Hacks for the Creative Entrepreneur

By Christine Scalera There aren’t enough hours in the day to finish your To-Do list — in fact, it probably keeps getting longer and longer. As a creative entrepreneur, saving time is probably #1 on your wish list because you’re handling everything by yourself. Check out these time-saving hacks that every creative business owner should […]

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3 Tips to Prep For a Successful Wedding Off-Season

By Kevin Dennis, Fantasy Sound Event Services As the wedding season starts to wind down, we’re often inundated with thoughts of relaxing, going on vacation and taking some well-deserved personal time. Of course, taking a break after the season is certainly a great way to loosen up and clear your head, but I’m here to […]

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How to “Make” More Time For Your Wedding Business

This week was the last straw. Jeff was off to band practice (that’s entirely different from “band camp,” in case you were wondering) and I was in the house alone. Which means TEMPTATION. Temptation to work late without Jeff at home to remind/nag me to down. I’d promised myself that I would stop work by […]

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How Do I Get It All Done?

achievement on time

Question:  “How do I divide the time I spend on each part of my business to be most effective and least wasteful of said time? I need to be more efficient. I feel like between blogging, web design, email management, client meetings, shooting, and editing, SEO, building relationships with vendors, getting publications… how can I […]

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How Can I Grow My Business When I’m Working By Myself?

Question: “How to grow my business when I’m the only one? I can’t hire someone to do my job so I’m limited to the number of jobs I can take.” Answer: Grow beyond your comfort zone. You’re absolutely right.  Once you’ve tapped your limited time and energy resources, your business cannot grow any further. You […]

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Organization For Dummies

This was the last straw. I couldn’t find the bride’s email.  I’d forgotten to call the accountant before the deadline, and I’d missed a client phone call appointment (which I never do!)  Everything was falling apart. The worst part was that I knew better. I knew how to tame the wild beasts lurking in my […]

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New Year’s Resolutions Can Kiss My Ass!

kick ass lady

  Here we are at the beginning of a New Year full of promise and possibilities.  How dare you dump all over it! Just so you know, I’m not the only one ripping on this tradition.  Check out Steph’s rant about the stupidity of New Year’s Resolutions here. Hey, I want you to succeed.  Good […]

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