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Gmail’s Smart Folders are amazing for helping individuals and businesses at working through their emails, and avoiding spam. That said, like all good things, there is a down side and for email marketing that down side is quite major.

Imagine if all of the people on your newsletter list opted to use the use the option of using Smart Folders to sort through and get rid of all bulk mailings? It wouldn’t be pretty for you. According to Kipp Bodnar’s article it isn’t clear at this point how many people are going to opt for this feature, but you may want to make some changes now just to be one the safe side to keep from losing your audience.

Check your opt in forms and make sure that you communicate with people what type of mailings they will be receiving, how often, and how it will benefit them. If they know what they are signing up for they will “white list” your emails to make sure they will continue receiving them. Most importantly though, work to get your mailings to a point where they are reaching your audience in a way that motivates them to keep reading them each time.

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