Cents on the table
It’s a subject no one wants to talk about: PRICING.

Are you making enough money from your wedding business?

Whether you are just starting out and not sure what to charge or a seasoned pro who wants to raise rates but afraid to lose potential clients, you’ll want to check out the articles below for pricing tips:

Determining Your Rates:

How Much Should I Charge?

Learn the three determinants of price that you must know to grow a successful wedding business.

Pricing for Profit: Are You Charging Too Much or Too Little?

Find out how to price your services for profit without leaving money on the table or turning off potential clients.

Confession: I Think I have a Problem with Price

Wondering if it is time for your to raise your prices? Find out the one way to know for sure.

Why You Need To Raise Your Price Today

Learn why if you’re not at least slightly uncomfortable with what you’re charging, it’s time to raise your wedding business prices.

Strategies to Raise Your Prices:

Want to Get Paid More? Learn the 2 Ways to Raise Your Price and Get It

Find out why you can’t just arbitrarily raise your price and expect people to pay it and what to do instead.

How to Charge More By Giving Away the Goods

Learn why FREE can actually make you money…

How to Use the Starbucks Tactic to Raise Your Prices

Find out what you can learn from Starbucks’example to help you break through your pricing barrier.

How do you determine your prices?

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