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When brides are planning their wedding they have a lot on their minds. Unfortunately for you as a business owner that means they have a tendency to ask direct questions, without finding out anything about your company. Thankfully you don’t have to automatically answer the question about price right away. Remember, even when speaking with a bride over the phone you are still in control of the wedding marketing for your business.

Since you are the business owner you know very well that answer a question about price right off the bat is a terrible idea. It will either end the call right away, or keep the bride focused ONLY on price.

So how do you lead the conversation away from price by using the “calendar fumble?”  Make sure to watch the video from Stephanie and Jeff below to find out!   What do you think? Will this work for you?


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3 thoughts on “Stop Price Shopping Brides and Grooms with the Calendar Fumble Technique”

  1. Great idea, so obvious and yet so simple. Thanks Team.

  2. I love it!

    I think my wife and I do this naturally, but our sales staff really struggles with redirecting the conversation away from from price and towards value. This looks so simple in your video, but it actually takes years of practice and lots of experience and confidence to figure out and pull off on your own…and here you are giving it away for free as usual!

    I love the concept of the “video demonstration” and would love to see a whole series of these on how to deal with sales calls and questions and challenges that inevitably pop up.


    1. Stephanie Padovani says:

      My sales manager DRILLED us with scripts in our weekly meetings. The threat of humiliation and constant pressure (can you tell I loved it?) made me get good at it FAST.

      I think you’ll find the same for your sales staff. If you practice with them until they can do a convincing job with you, it will translate to real brides and grooms. It just takes a little while to get comfortable with it.

      As for the suggestion of video demos, I love it! I’ll see what we can do. 🙂

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