How Do You Learn to “Own” Your Price?

There’s nothing more terrifying that quoting your price to a bride or groom when you don’t fully believe it. The lump in the throat, the knot in the stomach, the shaky knees of INSECURITY. We’ve all been there, especially right after rolling out a new price increase. If you don’t believe you’re worth the price, […]

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Are You Caught in These Self-Sabotaging Mind Traps?

By: G.E. Masana (Though this article’s geared to wedding photographers, the principles revealed here apply to us all. You’re a smart cookie, so you’ll see how it applies to what you do too.) Not too long ago I published a manual detailing my wedding photography system for creating large after-wedding in-person sales using album pre-designs. […]

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3 Price Lessons From a $250 Pair of Shoes

Red Shoes

It’s 60 minutes before our presentation for the National Association For Catering and Events when the unthinkable happens: My sandal breaks. Not just any sandals, the only pair of shoes I have with me that matches my dress. Irreparably broken. No tape or safety pin can rescue me. I have no choice but to buy […]

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How Can I Compete With Undercutting Competition?

horse racing

“I am thinking about that belief about how my competition devalues my services, and want to overcome it and convince brides that I am worth the extra money. Since I’ve started my group, I have gotten some church gigs, a couple of gigs playing for nursing homes, a tree lighting, and 1 wedding. When I […]

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How Do You List Your Prices On Your Website?

folded bills

“Assuming you list your packages and prices on your website, do you list the cheapest package first and then have them in ascending order so your biggest is at the end OR do you present your biggest and best first on the page and the smallest/cheapest right at the bottom of the page. I guess […]

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How To Set Prices For Your Wedding Business

the coins

It’s a subject no one wants to talk about: PRICING. Are you making enough money from your wedding business? Whether you are just starting out and not sure what to charge or a seasoned pro who wants to raise rates but afraid to lose potential clients, you’ll want to check out the articles below for […]

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