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Do you worry about turning Brides off with your marketing message?

Let me throw you a curve ball on this sentiment.  You should turn some off..Seriously!

Attracting the right clients should be what we shoot for in our marketing campaign.  In the process the “wrong” clients will look elsewhere.

Unfortunately, most of us go with a generic message hoping to appeal to all potential  buyers.  This is a common mistake.

It seems logical to attract as many brides in your market as possible.  The problem is that you end up completely “vanilla,”…pretty much nothing about you stands out.

You end up falling in to a very large bucket of vendors with general messages. You know… “We specialize in all occasions”…“Your day your way”…“Quality service”…”Personalized service,”etc.  Yawn.

It’s time to take a stand about what makes YOU different.

Get out of the bucket already!  Its time to take a stand on what makes you different.  The people who agree or are interested in your specialized services will line up deep to hire you; the ones who don’t will take a pass.

Take a pass!?!?

That’s right, they are just not that into you.  You didn’t want those customers anyway. Next!

An example…

Let me give you an example.  Years ago when Steph and I were putting together our marketing materials we had a long discussion about who our perfect client was and what they would want in a DJ company.

After talking with many of our past clients, we figured out what they wanted and the exact words they used to express it.  We then rolled this message out with our new website…

The non-cheesy DJ alternative was born.

This simple message defined what we were all about. Neither one of us wanted to hand out big sunglasses and plastic leis at weddings anyway!

This marketing message really attracted the right customers. Those seeking a DJ in a chicken suit knew we were not exactly a good choice and moved on.  Type “non-cheesy DJ” into Google and we are still in the #1 spot.

What are you for and what are you against?

Taking a stand about what your all about…as opposed to playing it safe…will actually make you stand out. You don’t need to book them all.

We needed to book about 72 weddings a year to reach our financial goal. In our area, there were about 7,600 weddings last year.  So all we needed to book was around 0.9% of these weddings!

By drilling down to a specific message we became irresistible to those cheese fearing prospects.

Find out what the common pain, fear or frustration is for your clients. Ask them.   They will be more than happy to tell you.

Make this pain your common enemy then put it in your marketing.  Its really that easy.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you stand out. If you think it’s because you offer custom packages…you missed the point!

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