by Amber Ambrose, Destination Wedding Planner, Blue Sky Ceremony

Pinterest boards

According to a recent survey 83% of women polled trust Pinterest over Facebook and Twitter. The social media landscape is changing, again, are you ready? If you just sighed out loud and said no, then this quick how-to guide on Pinterest will help you get ready. Warning: Pinterest is very addictive.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a pin board-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pin boards for inspiration, ‘re-pin’
images to their own collections or ‘like’ photos.

How Are Your Brides Using It?

Once they set up an account, through connecting to Facebook or Twitter, brides can set up pin-boards. These can be used to organize dress styles, invitation ideas, decoration suggestions, and even locations for honeymoons. This method
is done uniquely through posting images.

For example, if a bride saw a dress on a website she doesn’t want to forget, she will click Add Pin, put in the link and it will upload the image for her to any board she selects. This method helps brides conceptualize what her wedding will look like before the big day in an organized efficient manner.

Another great way that brides use Pinterest is to research new ideas through the search bar on the top left of the page. They can search on anything, and I mean anything. For example they could put in purple wedding shoes, click search, and over 300 different styles of purple wedding shoes will pop up. Then she can re-pin this idea to her own board.

How You Can Use Pinterest

Pins on PinterestIt’s always important to be a resource to your customer. One suggestion is to set up different boards for different wedding themes. On each board, post images from the weddings you have helped with, linking back to your website. This
will not only help get a bride to your website but will provide you website with incredible link-backs, pushing you further up the SEO chain.

And one final suggestion is to use this tool to help your bride visualize her wedding. Set up a new board for each bride you are about to cater to. Then you two can sit down, post ideas together, and weed out what she likes and doesn’t

Have you jumped the hurdle and tried Pinterest? Would love to know your thoughts.

Amber was born and raised on St. Thomas in the beautiful Virgin Islands.  As a resident of the island, her and her husband Mike, work side by side at Blue Sky Ceremony to help make every bride’s wedding day dreams come true.