6 Essential Traits of Small Business Owners

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What makes you an entrepreneur while your best friend is an employee?  Are you really that different?  Some of us have definite differences for risk tolerances.  Its just to scary to go out on your own.  Personally, I worked a lot of years for “the man” and know for myself, that something was always missing till I struck out on

Are You Obsessed With Facebook?

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I admit I have a rather strong admiration for Facebook.  Hell, its fun, its helped keep me in touch with my kids , I’ve reconnected with old friends, made new ones, hot damn I’ve made MONEY! These are pretty good reasons to develop a powerful like..but am I obsessed? Maybe a little.. Obsessed With Facebook Photo credit

Taming the Email Beast

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I don’t know about you, but the amount of email heading my way has been increasing non stop.  I’ve taken some measures to cut down on the constant distraction.  Creating some rules like only updating a couple of times a day helped.  Making sure the chime letting me know I have mail turned off. I liked the idea in this

3 Questions To Transform Your Business In 2011

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Lately I’ve been taking challenges my business faces and writing them down as questions.  By asking yourself the right questions, you’ll be amazed at what that super computer in your head will come up with.  Then take a few minutes to list all the possibilities (no matter how outlandish some may seem) that answer these questions. How can I solve

Small Business Smarts For 2011

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I’m a serious business blog junky so when I run across some great advice I pass it along. You might have noticed my regular harping about getting your act together for 2011.  Well, don’t expect me to let up!  The time is now..all signs show a lifting in the economy.  Don’t be left behind! Small Business Smarts Photo credit

New Years Resolutions For Your Business

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Hopefully most of us take a little time on the first day of the new year to plan a few goals, make a resolution, maybe even commit them to paper.  I recently read that writing your resolutions down gives you about ten times the chance of success. How about your business?  Don’t you think it deserves the same treatment? http://canentrepreneur.blogspot.com/2011/01/your-2011-guide-to-business-resolutions.html

5 Ways To Achieve Follow Through On Your Goals

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As the year comes to an end, I like to start my mental list of goals for the next year. Of course, this thought process needs to find its way to paper or its lost in the day to day processing.  Goals are great, writing them down, better. But is this enough? Its just as important to plan your follow

10 Things I Could Live Without

In my daily perusing of the interwebs, usually in search of truth, insight or just mindless entertainment, I came across a blog post on a subject that’s been nagging at me quite a bit lately. You can read it here: 11 things my life doesn’t need Being rather vulnerable to distraction, you have no idea just how vulnerable, I’ve been