The Power Of Because

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Generating interest in your wedding business often comes down to writing good sales copy. So how do you write good sales copy? It comes down to the words you do and don’t use. One of the most common switches that boosts interest in a product is switching the word “learn” to “discover.” What we can discover from this simple thing

Run Your Wedding Business – Don’t Treat It As A Job

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Welcome to the crazy world of owning your own wedding business! As you’ve come to realize, there are a lot of challenges to running your wedding business. It isn’t simple. You are now in charge of every single decision that has to be made which can be challenging. But if you are up to the challenge running a business is rewarding

Why You Need Small Goals In Order To Reach The Big Goal

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Every business has in their mind that moment. You know the one. That moment that you know you’ve succeeded and made it in business. While goals are good, it’s also good to realize that you need a bigger dream to go after once you’ve made it to that point. On top of that Steve Gadlin points out in the article

Marketing Lessons from the Movies: Moneyball

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I didn’t want to watch this movie. I’m not a sports fan, and baseball movies just don’t light my fire. So Jeff had to twist my arm to get me to watch Moneyball with him. Here’s a brief plot summary for you: The manager of the Oakland A’s has to build a team with ZERO budget. Using only computer analysis

Why You Need To Legally Protect Your Business

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Wedding businesses are often considered in the field of art. As a result it is super easy to forget to take care of the legal side of the business and focus on the fun side of things instead. Any wedding business who has run into legal issues however could tell you this is a mistake. Remember, while you are creating

Considering Getting A Loan For Your Wedding Business?

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When you’re really stuck needing money for your business one of the first things to think about is getting a wedding business loan. If your business is to a point where you really need the extra funding, you have a plan of how you’ll use it (that would not be on the groceries to feed your family) and you know

Tenacity and A Diverse Background Help Build A Successful Wedding Business

While a normal career background isn’t going to hurt you in becoming a successful entrepreneur, a more varied background is more likely to be helpful according to an article by Jon Burgstone. What exactly does this mean for you? An entrepreneur faces a lot of different challenges. They have to know how to do every single aspect of their business,

Get It Done! The Importance Of Finishing Versus Perfection

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I’ve seen some absolutely amazing wedding business websites and store fronts in the last few years. You know the ones. They are so well designed that you feel like the owner probably put in cashmere shag carpet in the backroom while they were at it. Your business doesn’t have to look like this, especially not right off the bat. Jay

Why You Must Create A Great Customer Service Policy

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Customer service is not just a tiny element of your brand. Often times it becomes the brand now days. People can share their experience with the world in the click of a button. If it’s a great experience, and others are saying the same thing your brand is made. If they have a bad experience that is all you will

Breaking Through Fear To Create A Successful Wedding Business

Have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to break through something in your wedding business? It might be that you have trouble closing the sale, or have trouble promoting your business. No matter what it is, according to most of the time the main thing holding you back is fear. Now sometimes that fear is deep rooted and