7 Must-Have Tools for Wedding Professionals to Increase Productivity

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Written by Chelsey Morin on January 23rd, 2020 Working in the wedding industry is a very busy job. There are always clients to reach out to, emails to send, social media posts to create…which is why we’re sharing with you 7 must-have tools for wedding professionals that will drastically increase your productivity and give you more time for things you

Shifting From “Good” to “Great” In Your Wedding Business

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Have you been settling for “good enough?” In your wedding business? In your life? *** I spent a few days with my friend having adventures around New York City. She has a good job, a good relationship, a good life. Except when she says, “good,” what she means is more like “not bad.”  “I don’t mind it. It’s okay.” Where

Yoda’s Worst Advice Ever For Wedding Pros

There’s an oft-quoted iconic scene with Yoda and Luke Skywalker from the movie, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back… Yoda urges Luke to use the Force to lift the submerged ship from the swamp so that they can escape. Luke complains that it’s impossible, but finally agrees to try. “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try,” Yoda

The Stories (Lies) We Tell

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When I was a little girl, I was good at a lot of things. I got good grades in all my classes, pleased my teachers, and listened to my parents. I learned that I was smart, creative, kind. Good. I was good at everything I did. (I thought.) But then I started to get scared about all the things I

The Personal Assistant Experiment

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What could Genius do if you get out of the way? Two weeks ago I attended an event with Michael Neill called “Genius Catalyst.” We gathered in Santa Monica, California to explore the nature of Infinite Genius and inspired creation. The weekend was full of provocative conversations and exercises. One was particularly memorable. I’ll call it the “Get Out of

Event Nightmares: The Mummy That Ate My DJ Gig

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I made a huge, embarrassing mistake in our first year as DJs. It’s so bad I still cringe thinking about it. Here’s the story: A friend of a friend had “connections” at a local summer camp and they were auditioning new talent. The hours were short, the pay was good, and we had an in. The catch: we needed to

3 Leadership Must Dos For Your Wedding Business

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It’s easy to come up with a list of great leaders, isn’t it? Warren Buffett. Bill Gates. Jeff Bezos. Martin Luther King, Jr. Nelson Mandela. And, just for good measure, let’s add in Angela Merkel to swing the gender balance a bit. What a mixed bag I’ve chosen, right? I’m sure you can think of more! However, the point is,

11 Questions That Can Change Your Life

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I just got slapped in the face today. Not literally. I mean the wake-up-and-face-reality-Steph type of slap. I’ve been working, dreaming and scheming very hard about creating something unbelievably awesome with our business, but I’ve been going about it all WRONG. I have a few trusted advisors (mastermind members, coaches, mentors) who I turn to for help, guidance and perspective.

3 Tips For Dealing With Ungrateful Couples Who Don’t Appreciate You

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It sucks to be left out. Last week a wedding professional vented in our Facebook group about how she threw herself into delivering for a client whose wedding was published. The article listed every business associated with the wedding…except for her. What gives?!?! We work hard and we want to be recognized for it. It’s happened to me. I love

3 Lessons Learned From My Vacation From Hell

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It was the worst vacation of my life. We’d rented a beachfront cottage on Long Beach Island with my step-sons and my brother for the week. And it rained. All. Week. Long. Not just a drizzle either. We’re talking torrential downpour without a hint of sun. But it gets worse. I always used to joke, “I don’t take a break