“Why can’t the clients just show up! I’m really good at what I do — I hate feeling like I have to convince them to hire me. I hate marketing!”

I’ve heard this again and again, in the wedding industry and beyond, frustrated entrepreneurs crying out in marketing agony.

Why does marketing have to feel so HARD?

Why can’t you just show up and do what you love?

One of my Facebook friends recently shared an article directed towards new entrepreneurs who are taking their businesses online.

“If you’re doing business online, you have to be as passionate about marketing as you are about what you do,” she said.

Most of my clients do not love marketing and sales. They love creating the product or service they deliver.

Producing and selling are entirely different skill sets, and they don’t automatically go together.

I’m wondering…

It seems to me there’s something much easier that’s possible.

Marketing is a simple equation. You need:

  1.  A powerful message designed to connect with your ideal clients

  2. A way to get that message to your ideal clients

  3.  An offer that gets them to say YES

The elements of marketing are simple, if not easy. 

What would it take to broadcast your message to the people you’d like to serve with ease and fun?

What would it take for doing the things you love to BE your marketing?

In Stephanie’s Business Reality…that I am creating in this very moment…

You get to show up and be you doing what you love to do. 

That being and doing promotes you at the same time. Or you eliminate as much friction as possible to get as close to that as you can.

Here are some ideas about how that might look:

#1 – Let’s say you naturally love sharing what you know. You write articles, make videos, or take photos of exactly that and share them on various social media channels.

#2 – You appear on podcasts sharing tips and strategies.

#3 – You take photos of your flowers, your stellar events, your cakes and share them online.

#4 – You go so far above and beyond for your clients that they are can’t resist telling everyone they know about the crazy lengths to which you go to make them happy.

#5 – You show up in places where your clients congregate (bridal shows, hair salons, tattoo parlors, wherever) and engage with people in a way that easily has them asking, “So what do you do?”

Like most things in business according to your design, there’s not a rule for this. 

It requires considering your talents, skills, inclinations and joys. It’s built around what you do naturally.

Finding your joyful marketing is a question you ask and live into. 

It’s not going to look like my way of marketing or anyone else’s.

What joy in marketing can you be?

What’s the easiest, simplest way for you to get your message in front of your ideal clients?

What way of marketing would be FUN for you?

This is what I’m exploring for myself and my clients. 

I believe easeful, fun and effective marketing is possible…and that it doesn’t require being inauthentic or doing things you hate.

It does require a willingness to think differently and give yourself permission to play in marketing until you discover your way of doing it.

Would you like to create joyful marketing in your business?

Let us know in the Book More Brides Facebook Tribe!

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