Hubspot Marketing Studies 2010

Hubspot recently released the results of its studies on Blogging, Facebook and Twitter marketing for 2010 in a series of highly revealing graphs and charts.

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You can check them out here: 101 Marketing Charts and Graphs

It’s fascinating to pour through this data…at least if you’re a geek, like me.  Here are some highlights that jumped out at me…

Quick Highlights

  • 60% of respondents said blogs affect their purchasing decisions.
  • 50% read blogs more than once each day.
  • 80% of people read blogs in the morning, with most of them reading from 10-11am.
  • The more you blog, the more customers you get from your blog.  Businesses who blogged only once weekly generated 58% of their customers from the blog.
  • The most Facebook “shares”…40% of them…happen on Saturdays.


  • Blogging is a MUST for your wedding business.  The more often you do it, the more weddings you’ll book.
  • If you’re timing your blog posts…which I highly recommend…publish them at a time before 10am during the week.
  • Make it easy to spread your blog posts by automatically publishing them to Facebook and Twitter using RSS Graffiti and
  • Don’t forget to schedule posts for Saturdays if you want brides to share your posts on Facebook!

The insights of 19 experts are summarized reveal that website traffic from organic SEO has the most value for your business.

What’s “organic SEO?”  These are people who find your website by typing keywords into search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.  They type in “orange county photographer” and land on your site.

What’s the easiest way to get traffic from organic SEO?  BLOGGING.

Are you making a blogging strategy part of your wedding marketing campaign for 2011?  No more excuses.

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