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Here we are at the beginning of a New Year full of promise and possibilities.  How dare you dump all over it!

Just so you know, I’m not the only one ripping on this tradition.  Check out Steph’s rant about the stupidity of New Year’s Resolutions here.

Hey, I want you to succeed.  Good things happening to you has a spillover effect on others whether it be business success or doing something to improve your health or relationships.  You win and we all win..get it?

Simply making a New Year’s Resolution alone is a sucker’s game.

We all know it, yet quite a few of us still play out this resolution BS every year.  Maybe it’s time to acknowledge what’s not working and make a change.  I’m not suggesting that you give up but that you try something different.

Take advantage of this time of year to set in motion a real strategy with clear cut goals backed by a measurable action plan and deadlines.  

You know, stuff that might actually get you to where you want to be.   Sure, sounds like more work than just declaring your resolution, but it’s pretty clear that resolutions don’t do diddly for most people.

There are a ton of stats out there to back this up.

  • 25% bail on their resolution in the first week.
  • Another 60% are out by the 6 month mark.

Hell, I didn’t even mention the ones who make the resolution and don’t even get started.  We are creatures of habit and it takes real action to break into new ones.

I read that only 14% of people who have had a heart attack actually make lifestyle changes afterwards.  This blows my mind!

Hello, preview of you dropping dead, care to make a change?  No?  Ok, it’s your funeral.

Ok, enough bitching (yeah, I’m damn good at that!)  What should you do?

Let’s start with the premise that we all would like to make positive changes in our lives but the path is going to be slightly different for each of us.  There are no shortage of products out there to help us in our goal/resolution endeavors.  Learn about an effective alternative to New Year’s Resolutions here.

Maybe you’re a make a list type person.  Maybe you’re a declare-it-to-the-whole-world-so-you-feel-pressure-to-follow-through kind of person.  Maybe you pray or meditate or guilt the hell out of yourself.

Over the years, I’ve looked at hundreds of tools to get this job done.  Some were worthless and some way too complex.

The goal-setting tools that work best address several angles of your goal, at the same time being intuitive and simple enough for actual use.  

Some of the pieces that need to be addressed in your system are:

  • The why:  It’s really important to be clear about this as it is directly attached to your drive to stick to it.
  • What will happen if I don’t:  This one can help create pressure to keep at it.  The possibility of dying could be real motivator for some.  At least those 14% who change their lifestyle after a heart attack.
  • Your habits:  So much of your success is tied into your habits.  Bad habits tend to work against success.  Scotch for breakfast might not be the breakfast of champions!
  • Measurements: task scheduling, timelines and deadlines.

This year I’m using the Goals on Track program that gets rave reviews for goal setting.  So far I’m finding it to be the right match for my ADD riddled brain.

I love how they have incorporated the why and your habits into the design.  I feel much clearer about where I am and what I have to do to achieve my big plans for the year.

So, have I sold you on ditching the resolution and actually making a plan?

If not, enjoy screaming your Resolution to the heavens and go back to bed. Good luck with that.

For the rest of you, I would love for you to join me in making this year kick some serious ass.

What’s your big goal for the New Year?  Share your goal in a comment below.  

Don’t be shy, we’re buds and are here to show our support.  In fact I’ll be first to leave my big goal.  Be gentle on me.

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