FB Ads

According to new research, more than 71 percent of ALL INTERNET USERS are using Facebook – or at least have an account.  Did you see that?  More than 7 of every 10 people!!  Talk about Advertising GOLD!

I was curious about just how much information you could find on Facebook and came across this super cool blog with loads of info.  This study seriously includes all demographic info like where the Facebook usage has increased the most (want to sell your product in Chicago?  You’re in luck – Facebook usage there is up 69 percent!  Awesome! Get marketing! Ha!) right down to what items have how-many likes.

While some people would say this an “invasive” study…well, I suppose in some instances, I would agree.  However, to people like you who are looking for every avenue possible to get the word out about your services, it’s priceless marketing.  Literally.

What do you think about social network marketing?

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