The Value of Networking

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Networking has always been an important part of sales, marketing and business itself.   But now with the ease and wealth of information on the Internet, it’s easier to find the people you want to connect with. Connections lead to referrals, needed help or suggestions, and ultimately…more booked weddings! Read The Value of Networking on […]

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Great Marketing Strategy for Photographers!

nikon camera

Need a cool way to drum up business?  Check this out, what a great idea!! It’s a marketing campaign for wedding photographers.   Find your target demographic.  Like Bridal shops, for example.  Put together some nifty little gift vouchers – get creative!  Great looking packaging is key!  The gifts should be something to do with […]

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4 Tips for Money-Making Networking Relationships

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We know we’re supposed to be networking and building relationships in order to grow our wedding business.  But are we doing it? It’s really easy to get caught up in the everyday activities of running our business and the urgent (but likely unimportant) phone calls, emails and busy work.  But if we aren’t networking, we’re […]

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