How Can I Network to Get Leads On Facebook?

facebook burn

Photo credit: How Can I Network to Get Leads On Facebook? “I’ve heard that Facebook is great for networking with other wedding professionals, so I’d like to connect with them there. I have no problem finding their businesses pages, but I’m having a hard time finding their personal profiles. How can I easily find […]

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How to Network Your Way to More Bridal Leads

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One of the cheapest and most effective ways to fill up your calendar with more awesome couples is by networking with other wedding vendors and befriending them to earn their trust and referrals. But many wedding pros are going about this the WRONG way and leaving potential business on the table. Here are our top […]

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How to Get Started on Social Media

Social Media Icons

Whether you’ve been purposely avoiding social media or just haven’t had time to do it, you need to start connecting today.  Having an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Google+ or Pinterest can help to grow your wedding business- brides and grooms expect to find you on at least one social media […]

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The Naked Truth About Wedding Collectives and Referral Groups

Wedding Vendor Showcase

Question: Are wedding collectives worth it? “I have a question of the week for you – regarding ‘wedding collectives.’ [Wedding collectives are exclusive groups of wedding professionals who form a group to attract couples and usually offer some kind of discount for hiring members.] My questions: Are these useful to join? Is it common for […]

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Why It Pays To Be The “Second Shooter”

couple dancing

Guest post by James Russo. I am not a wedding photographer, I just shoot weddings. What do I mean by this? Unlike some photographers, I enjoy being the second shooter. As an event photographer, I like to move with or against the tide as I see fit, unless asked to do otherwise. I look for […]

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How NOT to Get Referred By Other Wedding Pros

Why on the wall

Guest post by Jennifer Blaske I wanted to share something with you guys that I thought might be good blog fodder.  It’s a perfect complement to your blog post about “Why Your Networking Sucks.” Here’s the story… On a Facebook group for local wedding professionals, someone posted, “If anyone needs a [type of wedding pro], […]

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How to Win Friends and Referrals in the Wedding Business

wedding preparation

Question:  What can I offer other wedding professionals that will make them want to partner with me? “I’ve been reading a lot of your stuff this week and have already implemented your price shopper template, created a business FB page and began comments and liking other vendors and venues, and re-thinking some things about my […]

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