Netflix_RoseIf you haven’t heard of Netflix yet you might just want to look into them now. As of a couple weeks ago they have taken over the nation’s leading cable provider in number of subscribers. Why is this, and what did they do right to make such a huge leap forward in a tough market?

When it comes to marketing, the skills are going to be the same across the board – just tweaked for each niche. Kipp Bodnar has written a concise take on what Netflix has done right. To sum it up, find out what your customer wants – in what formats, and then deliver it to them. 

But don’t stop there. Think ahead, figure out where they’ll be going and give it as an option before they even know it is possible. For wedding marketers this is going to be mobile apps, QR codes, the ability to pay online, and the ideas just go on. The more you can make your company cutting edge, the better it will draw in potential clients.

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