planting treesThere are a certain amount of emails that you send that are not delivered. Often this is because someone gave you a fake email address, or used an email account that they only use for spam messages. However, there are ways for you to get the rest of your emails delivered, as well as keeping your email list clean of these “fake” emails.

It may be the easiest option to automatically add every new bride who opts in to your main email list. However if you want to continue marketing to your full list and get good results it is better to have a middle step. This is to create a list for new sign ups. Once you’ve seen that your emails are delivered you can go back at the end of the week and add it to the rest of your list.

Your wheels in your mind should be turning about now. Your email list isn’t just a bucket that everyone gets dumped it. It is a list that you have to treat more like a garden. You plant the seeds and get them growing into seedlings before you plant them outdoors. This is how you get strong plants, and build a strong email list. Take an active role in weeding through your bridal leads and email list. There is no point in emailing someone on an ongoing basis if they have never replied to you in the first place. Make sure to read the article by Cynthia Clark to get more technical ideas on how to get your emails delivered and read. What do you think?

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