Money seems to be one of the main causes of strife amongst couples, and often it is simply due to the fact that they run their finances the same way that they run a three legged race. They assume they know what they are doing, they don’t talk about it, and they assume that it will all turn out beautifully.

As a wedding professional in today’s economy you are going to be dealing with couples that are trying to deal with this issue. They trust you as a professional and therefore will respond to your advice. As a result it is advantageous if you know how to talk them through some of the basics of finances.

The most helpful thing that a couple can do with their finances is work on it together. If a couple talks about it, and works on it together, they will find that the money, instead of fighting them, will make their life easier. The more a couple can talk about it, and work on their budget together the better things will flow. For more details on finances for couples read the article by Jesse Mecham from You Need a Budget.

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