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Last week at the Wedding MBA, Sonny Ganguly of Wedding Wire once again blew our collective minds.  This time he shared his ambitious goal: to get 100% of wedding professionals to go mobile by next year.

Why is going mobile so important to your wedding business?

Check out these eye-opening statistics:

  • In 2014, the amount of mobile traffic will surpass desktop and laptop traffic.
  • 65% of brides and grooms are opening their emails on mobile devices.
  • If your website provides a bad user experience on mobile, 81% of your visitors will leave.

Bottom line: if you don’t get with it and make sure that your wedding business is mobile-friendly from beginning to end, you’re going to lose business.  In fact, you probably already are.

 Sonny’s Mobile 5 Guidelines

1) Mobilize yourself.  Upgrade yourself to good mobile technology.  In other words, ditch the “dumb phone,” get a battery backup and start using mobile technology yourself.

2) Mobilize your website.  Design your website to look good on mobile devices first; then build on that to create your desktop/laptop site.

3) Mobilize your emails.  Use responsive design and test your emails to make sure they are easily read in mobile devices.

4) Mobilize your payments.  Don’t forget about mobile when creating your payment and ecommerce pages; more people are buying on mobile, and having a bad user experience is going to cost you sales.

5) Mobilize your client experience.  Design and test your communication and sales flow from your visitors’ perspective so that it provides the optimum experience from start to finish.

While the idea of “going mobile” can be challenging, Wedding Wire offers free tools to help you mobilize your wedding business right away.  Tackle Sonny’s Mobile 5 one at a time and you’ll be up to speed in no time.

How are you using mobile in your business?

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